Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekends in the {Not So} Newlyweds house

We definitely live up to the not so newlyweds on the weekends. Especially over the last few weekends.

Let's start from the beginning. I'm a mean wife. I know, I know. When J and I got married we both had some debt and I was (still am) teaching piano lessons to pay off my student loans. Since J wasn't to educated on credit cards, I made him get a second job to finish paying them off. There was a brand new pizza place in town and I told him to try it out. Almost three years later and he's still there. Cards are all paid off. I'm not forcing him to be there. He enjoys it. No lie! And hey, I can't complain about some extra cash! We had discussed a few months back about him quitting. He decided to quit in January. Next thing I know, he decides to only work Friday nights instead of both Friday night and Saturday night. Since I basically crash on Friday nights after work and piano, I was supportive about his decision (even asking if he was sure he wanted to continue working there altogether).

J and I decided that Saturday nights were our nights. We don't have a lot of quality time during the week due to meetings, class, piano lessons, etc., so Saturday was just for us. I was excited for this new adventure! We've only had a few of these in the past four years of our marriage.

Since the first weekend of January our Saturday nights have been spent at home! We watch movies, play games, catch up on things that need done around the house. We are boring.

This weekend we cleaned and organized...a lot. But it's so nice to get things done. We feel good about ourselves and the house when everything is picked up and ready for the week.

Is this blog post super exciting and something I needed to share? No. But it's nice to go back in a year or more and read how we spent our time. I know when we have kids our weekends will be anything but boring, so we shall enjoy it while we can!

Happy Monday!


  1. Ha you guys sound just like us. My Josh works weekends all the time so when he is home and just like we sit and actually get to talk to each other. Sometimes doing nothing is the best!

  2. Yeah we're pretty boring too, but I really like it.