Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When it rains it pours...literally

Sunday night was interesting to say the least. J bowls on Sunday and I was home cleaning. I was almost finished cleaning the master bath and flushed the toilet. It made some weird noise and the next thing I know a huge part of the bathroom was flooded (we don't have a big master bath).

The first towel I could grab was a white bath towel. Great. I seriously thought for about 5 seconds not using it but I was covered in water along with the floor. Several towels later the water was cleaned up. I washed the floor again and came downstairs to just chill for a bit.

As I walked into the kitchen I felt my legs slipping and sliding underneath me. I somehow was able to lean and grab the kitchen sink, spilling my glass of water on me and the already wet floor. I started flipping out and yelling at Wembley {he moves the water bowl all over the kitchen and the floor has at least one puddle a day}.

When I reached the rug, I realized the water was not from Wembley. Oh no. That would be too easy. It was from the ceiling. The light was leaking from the toilet over flowing.

I put two-and-two together and I start to have a melt down. I was by myself, had no idea what to do, and was scared the ceiling was going to cave it {it wasn't even close btw}.

Thankfully, my parents were in town (they live in the booneys now) and were able to make it over in about 15 minutes. The kitchen was clean by the time they got there but as soon as my dad took the ceiling light off, water went everywhere!! And to top it off, there was a terrible smell.

Not my night.

My parents helped me clean the rest of it up. My mom mopped up the bathroom floor for the third time, the kitchen floor for the second, and helped me light a lot of candles :)

Even though Sunday night really sucked, I'm thankful I didn't fall and hurt myself and that the damage wasn't  any worse. So now, we are purchasing two new toilets this weekend and having them professionally installed. Did I mention my dad installed the one that leaked after he put tile down earlier this summer? Poor dad!

So on Sunday night while it was raining outside it was pouring in my house.

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