Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bumpdate: Week 30

30 weeks?! I know I say this every week but how did that happen? I'm pretty sure from now until I deliver I will be in amazement about how quickly things are progressing. 

This picture is about 10 weeks apart (just before 30 weeks). Crazy that I thought I was huge at 20 weeks. I can't imagine how I'll look in another 10. My poor students will be scared! 

How big is baby? This week is said the size of a cucumber...I'm thinking maybe length. No cucumber I've ever seen weighs 2.5-3.8 lbs. And I would be worried if there was one that big.


Maternity ClothesYep. 

Stretch Marks: Still up to two! 

Sleep: Better. Hips are not hurting as bad. I can't stay on one side all night or they will hurt so I move back and forth a lot or prop myself up with lots of pillows and sleep sitting up.

Best moment of the week? The surprise baby shower some of my amazing blog friends surprised me, Shannon, and Jenny with (more on that later).  Also did you see my Tiny Prints Shower Inspiration post?

Movement: Lots of jabs and kicks. I sometimes will worry when I don't feel anything for a while but I also know she has a sleep pattern kind of forming. Pretty sure she wakes me up at 4:30 am every morning to go to the bathroom.

Food cravings: Iced tea and fruit (watermelon)

Food aversions: Nothing sounds great still but the thought of grilled chicken makes me want to gag. I'll eat it made from a crockpot or in a pan but not on the grill--yuck!

Belly button in or out? In...praying it doesn't pop.

What I miss: I realized the other day I can't really suck in my stomach (not that I need to). Now it really bothers me. To the point that I have to stop thinking about it or I will go claustrophobic crazy. I know, so weird!

What I'm looking forward to: Baby showers! Although they make me nervous too because I hate everyone watching me. It was nice to share one with two other girls because we were all in the same boat!

Milestones:  30 weeks! Nothing too big other than that!

Adding a few new ones now that we are getting closer...

Nursery: Have nothing done. We have a dresser and changing table. We will order the crib at the end of next month. But I don't want to do anything big until we know if we are moving or not :( The room is already blue and that will match her bedding. Even though I'm not crazy about it, it will due.

Classes: We signed up for a basic baby care class and will be taking it in July. We are not taking birthing classes but are reading a few books about the Bradley Method.

Next appointment: July 2. Then I go every other week after that!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What is your favorite lotion or body butter to help prevent stretch marks?

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  1. There's no body lotion that helps with stretch marks. It's genetic. But, palmers butter lotion definitely makes my skin feel smoother and helps when my skin gets itchy from being dry.

    You look fab and I'm so excited for your baby showers! What fun stuff lies ahead!