Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday!

J's 30th birthday was on May 31st, however we celebrated with our families over Memorial Day weekend. We've done the same Sunday for the past five years and he loves every bit of it!

This year J asked me if we could have his "party" at my parents. He likes that their house is out in the country so there is a lot of space for everyone. Plus if it were to rain, which it was calling for, everyone can sit comfortably inside...that's not possible in our house! In the end it made it easier for me not worrying about people being our house while it was up for sale. I have enough stress so it was nice just packing everything up and going over there.

A little over a month ago I had planned to have an old comic book themed party. Later we renamed it to the onomatopoeia party (pow, crash, boom). I didn't tell him what I had ordered and he was pretty excited when he saw it. Usually I go to a local party store for the plates and napkins, but they didn't have this theme, so I ordered online!

We even had some balloons--only for your 30th!

I told J I would get him any cake or dessert he wanted for his birthday. I was hoping he would have let me order something just to be easier, but he picked his favorite go-to birthday cake--yellow cake with chocolate icing and it had to be from a box. So I tried to decorate it a bit. 

I even bought store colored icing which I hate and is usually a big no-no but it was so much easier!

Dinner consisted of yummy Pioneer Woman Sandwiches, pickle slaw, mac and cheese, chips, and watermelon. You can find the menu here.

Finally Emily and I made these fancy birthday banners just in time for J's birthday! I'll post a tutorial sometime this week! I love how it turned out and it was perfect for our fire place!

Overall, I think J had a great birthday with his family and friends. He only got a few small things from me because he went on a big camping (cabin) trip with his friends the weekend before. I'm just thankful that everyone made it safely and enjoyed the time for him.

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  1. I just posted about my husband's birthday today too- and how he always requests yellow cake with chocolate frosting! There was a mega-disaster (thanks dog) with the awesome cake I made right before our friends came over, and I ended up making a second, but uglier cake (yellow, with chocolate of course) at 9:30 that night!