Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So What?!

I haven't participated in SWW in quite sometime but I thought this week was very well fitting.
So What Wednesday
So what if...

  • I almost burnt down the house on Sunday. I was warming up pizza for Emily and I and stuck the entire box in the oven on 350*. Apparently paper burns...even as a pizza box. Thankfully J caught it in time and the pizza was not ruined.

  • I thought there was bleach stains on the ground for two days. I was freaking out. I even showed J and told him I don't know how on earth we got bleach stains (3 circles) on our master bedroom floor. Then I moved the laundry basket and they were gone. Yep, it was the sun and the laundry basket. Not my finest moment.

  • We had three boxes of cake mix that expired a year ago or more. Oops! My pantry is usually cleaned out pretty well but I guess I didn't think about cake.

  • I made brownies this week...and two weeks ago. I shouldn't be allowed in grocery stores.

  • I get super excited about the dinners I make. My mom cannot cook, therefore I never thought I could either. Over the past year, I've become quite good (if I do say so myself) and am proud of cooking a good usually healthy meal for J and I. Check out my Menu Mondays!

  • Yesterday was supposed to be laundry day. Instead I spent the morning cleaning then three hours on the phone with people I couldn't understand because they were located in different parts of the world. Thankfully three of the four were super nice. Then I rested because I swear the phone calls were giving me braxton hicks. #stressed

  • I pray every day that our home sells. We found a house we love and I don't want to loose it!

  • We have nothing done for Hadley's room. See above statement. It will get there.

  • I can say pregnancy brain is officially on overload.


  1. Visiting from SWW, and ohmygaww that pizza story is hilarious. It totally sounds like something I would do...and the light from your hamper on the floor that you thought was bleach droplets! I'm dying because that's totally me...seriously, are you my sister?

    At least your cake mix isn't 8 cans of tuna. Yes, you read that right, eight cans of tuna are all "expired" in my pantry. No one in our house even eats tuna, so I'm not sure where they came from.

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. OMG about the pizza box - thank goodness it all turned out good! Stopping by from SWW link to say hi.

  3. stopping by from Life After I Dew! Loved your SWW!

  4. I relieved to hear you say that you haven't done anything for the room (though you have a good excuse with a possible move). I'm 22 weeks and feel like I'm so behind because I've read blogs where people have their crib and everything all set up when they were 16 weeks and such! We have so much we want to get done with the house, let alone the nursery!