Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So What?!

I'm participating in So What Wednesday again this week. I think it's therapeutic while pregnant! haha
So What Wednesday
So what...

  • I haven't been to Walmart in close to a year. I do not like that store. Then Monday during piano I thought of something that I had to get at Walmart. After piano was over I couldn't remember it to save my life...still can't.
  • If Hadley's first sentence is "Get down Wembley" or "Wembley, you sh*t!". Those words are said several times in our home on a daily basis.
  • If I wake up at 4:30am every morning. Seriously. Monday it was 4:28am.
  •  I called to cancel cable and told the sales lady that I needed her help because I'm a pregnant teacher and I don't know if I can get through summer without some cable. She was the sweetest thing and saved us $80 with basic cable. LOVE our cable provider. #ineedhgtvandfoodnetworkandbravo
  • I made bacon grilled cheese sandwiches on Monday (it was clean out the fridge day). They started out as BLTs and I soon realized we didn't have any lettuce...or tomatoes. Then I dropped my sandwich on the floor. Win.
  • That I cried because my neighbors sold their home and moved out within a month. J told me that was me being jealous and that that is wrong. But I just want our home to sell too!
  • That it drives me nuts-o when people tell me, "your stomach is getting bigger!". YA THINK? I'm just growing a baby here! I'd be worried if it was shrinking! I know they mean it in a nice way and I don't take it as them being mean...I take it as a "here's your sign" moment.

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