Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So What?!

So What Wednesday

I'm loving So What Wednesday lately...probably because of my pregnancy brain and my summer off of work. So here is what I'm saying So What to this week...

So what if...
  • I did my grocery shopping at Walmart this week. Did I mention I despise Walmart? The sad thing is that I think I actually saved money (after buying two new skillets that we desperately needed). #hatetoadmitit

  • I took my car into the dealership yesterday with printouts in my hand about my seat fabric being recalled (water stains it--no joke) and my gas tank being recalled due to explosion. They told me over the phone when I made the appointment that they couldn't do anything about it. So I J did my homework and I proved them wrong!

  • I read Reality Steve again. Oops! I just had to. I had a good idea as to who wins the Bachelorette and had to check if I was correct--no worries, I was.

  • I love Tiny Prints.

  • I sleep on the couch just about every night. Some nights I try to make it in the bed but after a while I need to sit up and it's about impossible in the bed unless I have 923804928 pillows and kick J out. It's just easier to go to the couch.

  • I buy my furchild dog Frosty Paws (aka pupcream). He loves it and is his special Sunday night treat :)

  • I don't mind a fly or two getting in the house during the day. It keeps Wembley busy!


  1. Ha! I love when a fly gets in and entertains my cat. Best ever.

  2. I did my grocery shopping at Walmart this week too. I hate Walmart but in a small town we don't have many choices and I needed some other things that I couldn't get at our grocery store. I would still rather pay a little more and do my weekly shopping at Krogers!

  3. I do a big stock up trip at Walmart once a month. I hate Walmart, but with 4 kids, it really does save me money!