Monday, August 26, 2013

Menu Monday

Fancy Grilled Cheese

This has pepper jack cheese, bacon, and apple. We love fancy GC. I especially love the apple on it. Also you must use good bread for fancy GC. We used italian bread this time but we've used a variety.

These are great burgers and stayed very moist. I really liked the hint of BBQ sauce but it wasn't too much.  Sorry, not picture!

These were delicious and super easy! I popped everything in the crockpot the night before and let the meat thaw in the freezer. The next morning I put in the crockpot and when we got home, dinner was done! We had left over hamburger buns so just decided to use those. The provolone cheese on top made them extra yummy! I loved that I also had meat for lunch the next day. Tater tots ended up being a quick and easy side.

We originally planned on thai and chicken parm meatballs this week but ended up grabbing Subway and then a frozen pizza. The first week back to school was rough for me. I had a meeting at school until 7pm one night and J got late two different days. Sometimes you just gotta get through it. 

Geeze...we ate a lot of bread this week. Fail.

I wanted to make some soup to freeze for late fall. I asked J what kind he wanted and it was between chili and potato. Since my mom always makes chili, I decided to make potato in case she sends some chili with us. I found this easy crockpot potato soup. One thing I really liked about it was that it didn't call for a crazy amount of milk or heavy cream. In fact, it only calls for cream cheese! I ended up freezing all of it except for two bowls I took for lunch. It was delicious. The only thing I really had to add was salt. It just seemed bland. After adding about 2 tbsp (more) of seasoned salt (for the big pot) it was much better. 

Totally forgot to take a is the one from the site.

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