Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bumpdate: 38 weeks...holy cow!

How big is baby? Baby girl is as big as a pumpkin. No surprise...I feel like one! Also let me just say if girlfriend weighs 9 pounds right now I may cry. I highly doubt it though. {note to self: ask Dr about her weight next appointment}

Maternity ClothesYep...

Stretch Marks: On my sides and I found a few under my belly button. That was a sad day.

Sleep: I was doing well with sleep but the past few nights have been terrible. I've been really tired and have been crashing hard but I wake up a lot and have not been comfortable. I tried to sleep back in the bed again but No pain on the couch...lots of pain in the bed. I really think it's our hard mattress. I'm also starting to worry about school (teachers have first day jitters too) so that's not helping the situation!

Best moment of the week? Finding out I was one cm dilated. I know it's nothing but it's a start. My doctor said she would only let me go a week over-due. Not the best thing I wanted to hear (was hoping two weeks) but it's an end in sight. So my due date is August 29th, which means the latest H could be born is September 5th or 6th. Crazy!!

Movement: She's movin' and definitely running out of room!

Food cravings: Nothing sounds good...still...Oh wait, except for Max and Erma cookies but I've only had those once since I've been prego. I'm not giving in.

Food aversions: Nothing really sounds terrible I just have a hard time finding something that sounds good. However heartburn has been terrible so I need to avoid certain foods.

Belly button in or out? In! Stay in please!! You can do it!

What I miss: Non-swollen feet, sleeping on my stomach, and not hurting when I get up. I've been in a lot of pain lately but I think it's because I've been going a mile a minute. I've been in my classroom a lot, walking the halls (not to get baby out, to get stuff done), and constantly picking up at home. I've had very little down time and relax time. But a few more weeks {to enjoy this experience} so time to suck it up and get through it!

What I'm looking forward to: Two more doctor appointments (hopefully no more or less), first day of school, baby girl being born!

Milestones:  Full term, 38 weeks, getting classroom setup, nursery done

Progress: NEW!  Like I said above, I'm one cm dilated. She didn't say anything about effacement. She said she could feel the head and that I was soft and thinning {Sorry TMI--this is for me to remember}. I have a feeling that the next time I go back I will at least be two. I think that starting school and being on my feet all the time will really get her moving. Just a feeling so I could be totally wrong.

Nursery: DONE! I'm waiting on one print, which should be here tomorrow, and then a project that my mom should be bring over Thursday. THEN I will post pics!

Classes: Hospital tour this weekend!

Next appointment: August 22nd

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: My doctor told me about the 4-1-1 of labor; contractions every four minutes, that last a minute, for one hour. If I want to labor at home a little longer, should I follow this or wait until they're closer together? I don't want to give birth at home but I don't want to go to the hospital at 4cm either (maybe 5-6? Is that waiting too long?). 


  1. So hard to guess with your first baby. For me, my contractions start immediately at 4-1, but they start out less painful and get stronger as time goes on. It also depends how far you live from the hospital. We live 2 blocks away and have our midwives who come to the house first and then go with us to the hospital if we want to birth there. Knowing my body, I will wait to go in until my contractions start coming about 2-3 minutes apart. Any earlier than that and the hospital tends to stall out my progress. But hopefully we'll be able to do a home birth this time. We shall see!

    I think it says 6-9 lbs for the entire last month on the Bump. I carried pretty similarly for both E and G and one was 6.5lbs and one was 9lbs. You never know what you're hiding in there! The Drs are already estimating this one as being over 5lbs (at 31 weeks), so I'm in for a big guy when he comes at 38!

  2. Here's what I would do if I were you (and what my midwife suggested to me): If you feel like you don't want to be too far from the hospital because of your contractions being close, but you don't feel comfortable laboring in the hospital, go to a park near the hospital and walk there. Walk, walk, walk! Google maps says there is a park 7 minutes from where your going to deliver. Then pray for a labor during park hours:)