Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bumpdate: 39 weeks

How big is baby? Baby girl is as big as a watermelon  I definitely feel like I'm carrying a small{er} watermelon around! Especially after working all day!

Maternity ClothesYep...I've already warned my coworkers they could see me in the same outfit several times. I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes. :)

Stretch Marks: On my sides and I found a few under my belly button. :(

Sleep: I'm up a few times to go to the restroom but other than that I've been so exhausted from school that I sleep pretty well.

Best moment of the week? School starting. Just a big sigh of relief! Now that I've made it through the first few days, she can come any time!

Movement: Not as crazy but still some kicks!

Food cravings: Nothing really. I still have a sweet tooth which I hope and pray goes away. The sweet tooth is a new thing for me during this pregnancy. Normally I would easily pass on a cookie or piece of cake. Now, forget it!
I've wanted a spicy italian sub from Subway since I found out I was pregnant. However I did not want to eat any deli meat during the pregnancy. Well, Tuesday night I gave in and ate one. It was delicious! I figured if she really didn't like it she could just come out and tell me!

Food aversions: Chicken...this comes and goes still.

Belly button in or out? In! Stay in please!! You can do it!

What I miss: Non-swollen feet...I've been so swollen since I'm up all day now that school has started. They've been huge and I feel like a troll with square feet/legs. But I just have to keep pushing through!

What I'm looking forward to: Going into labor...even though I'm nervous wreck about it!

Milestones:  Full term, 39 weeks, finishing the first day of school!

Progress: TMI ALERT: Last time I was barely one cm and this time I'm a good one cm. I was really hoping to be two after all the cramping I had this week. Doctor also said that I'm very thinned out, although she didn't give me a number. She said she will plan on seeing me next week but it wouldn't surprise her if I went in before that. She also said if she sees me next week we will schedule my induction. This made me super nervous because I do not want to be induced. I told her and she said she would be shocked if they had to induce me. I can live with that.

 Story to remember-I was having cramps earlier this week and my mom told me that if they're time-able, around 10 minutes, and I'm at school I just need to go home. I told her my doc said I didn't have to go to the hospital until they were 4 minutes apart. But she insists that if they're 10 minutes I just need to go home. I tried to convince her just to let me see how I was feeling and maybe leave at 7 minutes (I live blocks from the school). I'm pretty sure after this conversation she was about to slap me. To say I'm strong willed about certain things is an understatement.

Nursery: DONE! Still waiting for my mom to bring over a project we did...I was hoping to have pictures up by now but I can't until that is hung :( Hopefully soon. Sorry!!

Classes: We are done! The hospital tour went really well and we feel confident in knowing where we will be going. I never knew how many rules they have and how strict they are with the rules. But I think that's a good thing...less stress on us and we can enjoy the experience!

Next appointment: August due date!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  I've read a lot about nursing and that a huge part of nursing is not giving your baby a bottle or pacifier during the first month, especially a bottle. I'm totally okay with that seeing that I'll be home during that time and it's okay if I don't get sleep. Have you had any success with this method?


  1. OMG please listen when I say you NEED to introduce a bottle the first week or two after birth. I was determined to exclusively breat feed Emerson with no bottle or paci. Well, then I started not producing enough milk and by the first month mark she refused a bottle or paci. It was a nightmare for about 2 weeks until she finally got used to it. I continued to feed her a bottle, breast feed and give her a paci and she never had nipple confusion. Now she is bottle fed. Don't be worried about giving her a bottle (maybe for one feeding a day) starting the first week or two. You'll be glad you me!

  2. So close! I know you're ready. I think it depends on the baby...If she's latching and sucking well, I would introduce a bottle after the first week. If you wait too long, she may not like it:)

  3. Oh your getting so close!!! I had a quick question for you especially because like you me, you're in cbus. What hospital are you giving birth at if you don't mind me asking. We are getting a tour of Riverside next month but I wasn't sure if there was somewhere else I should really check out. Also, I noticed you took a baby care class. Is that just like a how to change a diaper, bathing, etc class or was it like a birth class? Did you take a birth class? I haven't decided if I want to or not and most people I know do not. I feel like it'd freak me out a bit but I've been researching. What did you think of your class?