Friday, August 9, 2013

Late Night Brain Dump

Ever since I got back into my classroom my mind has been going a mile a minute. I feel like my house is a mess and my classroom is a mess. Basically my life is a big mess! Not in a bad way just in a crazy way! I have so much on my mind right now that I can't keep up with myself or really have a normal conversation. Basically my mind thinks like this...

All of my desks need to rearranged. Why do I have 31 desks? How many students are in the other classes? I wish we knew our schedule. I wonder if we will have special in the morning? Do we have planning every day? I haven't even started sub plans. I need to bring home my planner from last year and plan. My mom is coming over tomorrow to finish the nursery. Is it too dark in there with the curtains? What else do I want to hang on the walls? I wish the room was a little wider. Could we fit a small table by the crib? I don't want it to be over crowded. I really like how my classroom is set up this year. Hopefully it can stay that way. I can't believe I'll only be in school for two weeks. Last night I had a dream my water broke at the district convocation. I hope that doesn't happen. I really don't like our district meetings. I need to see if my car can get fixed during the meeting. Hopefully Sophia can pick me up. I should also get it cleaned out before H. And I need to take it over to the fire station to get the car seat checked.


I feel like I have to apologize to people to have conversations with me because I can't stay on topic or remember anything! If I don't tell someone or write it down, I'm in trouble. I'm hoping after tomorrow, when my mom helps me finish hanging pictures in the nursery, I will feel better. We have a few other things to do but after this weekend the house should be ready to go.

Then that leaves me and the classroom. The big part of moving desks finally was finished today. Now I just have to make two weeks of sub plans and organize, organize, organize!!!

Hopefully my brain can calm down this week and next and I can finish up to prepare for school. I can't believe it's almost time to go back...but I will only be there 2+ weeks until H comes!

More than anything I can't help but think how thankful we are. I think about it every day and thank God for everything we have, our furbabies, our sweet girl, and pray for a safe and healthy baby/delivery/recovery.


  1. What grade do you teach? I teach 3rd. My brain sounds like that and I am not even pregnant this year! ;) Good luck with everything! :)

  2. Back to school is always a busy time of year, much less when it coincides with your due date! You can do it! :)

  3. My brain runs like that all the time too. Good luck getting your classroom ready. I always change something about my room every year just to get a fresh feeling.