Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bumpdate: Week 17

Total Weigh Gain: I only gained 1 pound when I was at the doctor last week. WAHOO! I wanted to do a happy dance. Even though my craving is not good for you, I've tried to eat healthy and in moderation. So that makes it 5lbs for 17 weeks. Not too shabby...?

How big is baby? An onion

Maternity Clothes: Maternity jeans, which are super comfortable but hard to stay up. I'll probably get a few pairs of dress pants over spring break. The pairs from The Loft still fit great. The pairs from The Limited will not button :)

Stretch Marks: None 

Sleep: If I could sleep until 8-830am every day, that would be perfect. My body is good to go then but when I have to wake up at 645 for school, that's a no go.

Best moment of the week? Finding out the gender and telling our family and friends!

Movement: Sometimes at night, if I'm laying on my right side, I'll feel something. But I'm not counting on it to be the baby. Probably just bubbles or something.

Food cravings: Still pizza. Seriously like week 3. I was talking to some other girls online and they all said they craved pizza too with girls. Funny!

Food aversions: Not much right now...

Belly button in or out? In! 

What I miss: Breathing through my nose...still...

What I'm looking forward to: The 20 week ultrasound in April. Since we did the early ultrasound (not at my doctor), they only did a quick scan of everything. I'm very excited to see how our girl is doing. She seemed to be measuring a little ahead on their machines, but who knows! They did say everything looked good and she looked healthy, but they definitely advise you to see your doctor.

Milestones: Finding out the gender! It's a girl!!


  1. I craved pizza,but not just any pizza would do. No, I HAD TO HAVE Totinos pepperoni!! It's no wonder I had blood pressure issues!!

  2. The only food I could stand in the first trimester was pizza! I ate so much of it. I did an elective ultrasound and they told me my baby boy was measuring big but then at my 20 week they said he was right on target. So I'm not sure I trust those elective ones for measurements.

  3. You probably are feeling her when you're laying down at night! That's when I would feel Maggie the most!