Saturday, March 30, 2013

Oliver's new do!

We have not had the best experiences with Oliver getting bathed and cut. I won't mention any names, but one larger company nicked him really good and he got infected...poor baby has been scared for life! Thankfully they were nice enough to pay for the vet bill!

Over the past month he has been in desperate need for a hair cut but I wanted to wait until I was on spring break to get him in. I had looked at a lot of different places in Columbus and finally decided that Woof 'n Suds was the perfect place. 

I first found out about them through facebook. They help one of the local humane societies around the area and I thought that was so nice of them. I definitely wanted to give them our business.

From the first phone call they were awesome! They got him in the week after I called. The people there were very friendly and really cared about the dogs. They were very prompt and had him done within the allotted time they told me {I know this is hard sometimes, but we've been to a place that called two hours after they told me they would be finished}. They are also very reasonably priced for everything that they do.

Another great option they offer is a place to bathe your dog yourself! They have huge tubs, shampoo, conditioner, and dryers. This is always an option for us but at the time Oliver desperately needed a hair cut!

Oliver came out happy and looking very handsome! We will definitely be going back again! If you're in the Columbus/Grandview area, you should give them a try.

Sweet boy and his bandanna! 

Thank you Woof 'n Suds!

This post is my opinion of the company. I was not compensated in any way.


  1. Woot! Woot! Looking good Oliver! :)

  2. For some reason I can't see the pictures of Oliver! Thanks for the tip on this place, I always drive by it when going to the Grandview library! I usually take my dogs to a vet to get groomed but maybe I'll check this place out sometime!