Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kitchen lighting

When we first moved in we hung up a basic light above our kitchen table. It wasn't anything special but it did the job. It matched well with our kitchen sink and hardware but it was never my favorite. I wanted to get something a little nicer, especially since our house is very small and you can see it from almost everywhere downstairs.

first light
Sorry for the poor quality of photo

After my parents moved and downsized their home, they had quite a bit of "stuff" left. One of the things they were not using was their dining room light. I always adored this light. It definitely was not cheap so I'm happy to see it hung up some place where we can enjoy it.

I know it doesn't follow the "kitchen table rules" of lighting facing down but since we don't have a dining room I'm not following the rules. Either way, I'm in love...

I especially love how much more light it brings into our small room (obviously). We have a dimmer on it now but it's not working correctly. Once we fix that we will be good to go!

Love how just some little updates can change the look and feel of the room. This definitely dresses it up a bit more.

What are some of your favorite changes?


  1. We have the same light (but a down-facing one) over our dining room table. I never knew they were supposed to be downfacing! I like that upfacing one.