Monday, March 18, 2013

It's a...

J and I had talked a lot about when to find out the gender of this baby. I wanted to know as soon as possible where he was okay with waiting...until week 20. We both agreed that we could not wait until the baby was born. That just wasn't our cup of tea.

After a little convincing, J agreed to do an early ultrasound. We shopped around online at the different places in Columbus and decided that Ultrasona was the place to go. I had heard wonderful stories from friends about their experiences with them and also read some great reviews. They stated that they had a 99.9% accuracy rate and that if baby wasn't cooperating that day they would bring you back in for free to try again.

Like our friends, we had a great experience with Ultrasona. They were very kind and happy to have us there. While the time went by very quickly, our technician explained everything she was doing very thoroughly while she printed out our pictures. We first got to see the baby while she was measuring. It was so cool to see how much it had grown since our last ultrasound a few months ago! Then we were able to hear the heart beat. Finally one of the last things she did was find out if it was a boy or girl.

I so wanted to know how our technician liked her job. Does that seem weird? To me, the thought of telling a family or couple if their first, second, or third baby is a boy or girl seems so amazing. She told us that most days it is wonderful but there are days when people get upset with her because she doesn't tell them what they want to hear. That made me chuckle a little. A baby is a gift from has nothing to do with the technician. How could a person be mad at her for their baby's gender?! Thankfully she has many more good days then bad. {All besides the point but fun tidbit to share}

With a few minutes remaining in our short session she showed us the bottom of the baby where we could tell the gender. I studied it the best I could and told myself at that moment and days prior that it was a boy. I didn't care what the baby was (although I was secretly rooting for a girl) I just wanted it to be healthy. Within ten short seconds of seeing the picture she shared with us that we would be having a sweet little

I was shocked and became very emotional. I wanted a girl so badly but I wanted a healthy baby no matter what. I would have been just as emotional with a boy as well. I had already had ideas and plans of being a football mom! But knowing it was a girl definitely was a delight.

J sat calmly on the big, comfy couches that were in the room. He was cool as a cucumber. He had been telling me for days it was a girl {via the Ramzi method} so this didn't seem like any big news to him.

Our technician printed off a few more pictures and we were finished. We gathered our things together and were given a bright pink bag with our pictures, a letter, and some coupons to go back (possible 3D with the family later?).

After our ultrasound we headed to BuyBuyBaby to look at car seats and strollers. BBB is on the other side of town for us and we were already half way there so we thought that we could just made a day of it! I was also able to buy the cutest little cupcake outfit for baby girl. The tags will definitely stay on though until our 20 week ultrasound with the doctor...just in case.

I'm sure I was smiling all day because I felt so overwhelmed. Poor J was bombard by a thousand comments and questions. I was worried he would be disappointed because I knew he wanted a boy but after our conversation later in the day (which I will share soon) I knew that he was very happy. Either way he is going to make a fantastic father and I'm so proud of him!

Still to come...
*Story about J and his little girl
*How we told the family
*More about emotions
*Possible name post ??

Ultrasona did not compensate me for this post. These are all of my own thoughts, opinions, and feelings towards the company and the services they provide.


  1. There's no way we could wait until the 20 week anatomy scan to find out! Congratulations on the little girl! So precious.

  2. So excited for you! Being a girl mom is SO fun! Congrats mama!

  3. Congratulations!! So exciting!!

  4. So excited for you guys!! I love being a boy mom, but hope to be on team pink one day!

  5. How exciting. I am hoping to find out tomorrow at my u/s. I will be 14w4d.

  6. Congrats on a little girl! I had one cousin who was so upset that their 2nd was a boy. She whined about it all over FB because they both wanted another girl. It was the saddest thing. I really wanted to say something. It was really surprising because this was a girl who was told in her early 20's that she'd never have kids. A different cousin never found out what she was having before. We tried to convince her to find out with the 2nd baby but we knew if it was a girl her husband would have a half a pregnancy to pout over it. Once baby was there it wasn't going to matter anyway. She has two girls:)