Monday, July 1, 2013

Menu Monday! FIVE new recipes!

Menu Monday is much better this week! I'm also going to be adding at least one freezer recipe a week. I'm starting to cook and stock up on freezer meals so after baby girl is born we don't have to worry about dinners for a while. When we get closer to my due day (August 29) I'll do one big post of all of them. Until then, I'll share with you the one or two I do per week.

Josh loved this meal. I'm pretty sure the main reason was because I used "real meat" (beef) as he calls it instead of substituting for turkey. We use turkey 99.9% of the time. I haven't purchased beef in months--I actually cannot remember the last time I did. So he was in for a real treat! But he said with or without the real meat, it was a great dish!

Like most recipes, this one made more than enough for two people so I just halved it. Once the meatballs are made it's much easier to decide how much of the casserole you want to make and can cut the bread to the amount you want. We used about half of an Italian loaf and I froze the rest of the bread.

I did make homemade meatballs and used a pound of meat. I ended up freezing a good majoring of them and will use that as one of our freezer meals (easy spaghetti one night)!

Meatball Recipe

1 lb of beef (or turkey)
1 egg
1/4 c. milk
1/2 c. bread crumbs
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. oregano
1 tbsp parsley
1-2 garlic cloves (we buy minced garlic in a glass jar--I used 1 heaping tsp.)
1/4 c.  grated parm cheese
ground pepper

Mix all together by hand. Roll in balls (about golf ball size). You can broil on LOW for 10 minutes, until brown and cooked inside (definitely check) or you can bake on 350* for about 20-30 minutes. Just keep checking. I forgot to see what time I started baking them so I don't know exactly how long it takes.

To freeze: I cooked meatballs (directions above) and put in a disposable bread loaf pan covered with tin foil. 
To cook: I will defrost and cook in spaghetti sauce (like you would a frozen store meatball).

I don't think I put enough ranch mixture on the burritos. I halved the recipe and you couldn't taste the ranch. Oh well, they were still pretty good. Hard to go wrong with chicken and cheese!
I prefer the Skinny Enchiladas over these any day!

Not the best color to this picture

Stop. Go make these. Right now.
I was so excited to make these sandwiches this week. If you've never had an apple and bacon sandwich then you're completely missing out. One of my favorite tea rooms has an apple/bacon/Gouda sandwich and it is amazing. These were equally as good plus had a little kick to them. Instead of using regular wheat bread, like the recipe calls for, I used small ciabatta breads I found at Target. Delish!! Definitely a sandwich you can use with many types of bread and can even have at a girls lunch! I loved it so much I had it for lunch the next day!

Top Top Roman
{recipe below}

J found this recipe a few years ago and I couldn't tell you where he found it! He just came home one day and made it. We ate it a lot at first but haven't had it in over a year. To make it easier you can buy a rotisserie chicken instead of using chicken breasts. I can't stand pulling the chicken off the bone so I'd rather make it myself!

Recipe for two people:

2 pks of Roman Noodles (you can make it with more)
2 boneless chicken breasts (I use small frozen pieces)
1 pk frozen Asian veggies (I prefer the steamed veggies but it doesn't matter)


1. Cook the chicken. I'm terrible at cooking chicken in anything but a crockpot, so I throw in the 2 pieces in the morning with some chicken or veggie stock and it them cook on low all day.

2. When the chicken is done and you're ready to cook dinner, shred the chicken up into pieces

3. Cook/Steam veggies

4. Cook roman noodles as directed on package. ONLY ADD HALF of the seasoning (I use 1 pk of season per 2 pks of roman)

5. In a large mixing bowl add noodles, veggies, and chicken. Stir together. Add a little soy sauce or other Asian sauce to your liking.


I've never made this before so can't tell you if it's good or not, but I'm sure if we made some green beans and shared a baked potato it will be a great dinner when Miss H is home! You can find the recipe here along with the frozen directions.


  1. Thought I'd share my favorite freezer meal. It's so good, makes two meals worth, and if you use the low fat soups is pretty healthy.