Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bumpdate: 33 weeks

Getting bigger...eeek!

How big is baby? The size of a durain...a what? My baby center ap says a pineapple. I like that better.
Maternity ClothesYep...although I have a few regular dresses and tops that fit.

Stretch Marks: A few small ones on my sides.

Sleep: Getting better. Still on the couch. I think my mattress is just too hard. I'm getting really tired of the couch but every time I try and lay on the bed I'm in pain within a few hours. It would be so nice to be upstairs though. Walking up the steps at 4:30 am to go to the bathroom is not cool (we don't have a bath downstairs).

Best moment of the week? Seeing everything get ready for our baby showers! Tomorrow I have a mani/pedi scheduled and I'm over the moon!! I've already had two pedicures this summer but I will take all I can get!

Movement: Still kicks and jabs but quiet around anyone other than J and I.

Food cravings: Starbucks Chocolate Chip Frappe....and I've only had one. I tried to make one at home but it was not the same.

Food aversions: Not too much. Still somewhat hard to eat in general. I just let J pick most of the time.

Belly button in or out? In...stay in baby!!

What I miss: I've been really thinking about my pregnancy overall and feel so lucky to not have had any complications. I pray every day that it continues through labor and birth. I really can't say I miss anything (than sleeping on my stomach). Do I like or enjoy all the aches and pains? No. But what can I expect? There is another human inside of me. I'm going to have some pains sometimes. I have 7 more weeks and in 5 weeks I go back to school (well, probably 3.5 or 4 to prepare). I'm going to get through it with my head held high. If I have a negative attitude then I will be miserable. I hate when people tell me, "there's no way you'll make it through two weeks of school". Watch me. As long as baby girl and I are healthy I will hang in there as long as I can.

What I'm looking forward to: Baby showers this weekend!

Milestones:  33 weeks! Nothing too big other than timing. I can't believe I only have 7 weeks left! That's less than two months people!

Nursery: New carpet and paint next week! Finally!

Classes: Baby care class and tour in August!

Next appointment: July 23. My doc is out of town the week I' supposed to go so it was moved biggie!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I'm really nervous about my showers. Don't get my wrong--I'm super excited. But I hate when all the attention is on me. Someone told me, "it won't be on you--it will be on the baby". Uh, that would be me for now! I don't see her popping out anytime within the next two days (hopefully). How do I deal with 40+ people being around me at a shower all wanting to touch me? I really have a hard time handling all the touching...or just one person in general (except J). I don't want to be rude but personal space! Do you want me touching your stomach? Probably not. At least Hadley and I have a deal...if she hears lots of voices she can not move. haha!


  1. I was also nervous for my showers! It was super hot last summer and even though we were inside I was sweating profusely. I just really tried to enjoy the moment and I let people feel my belly when they asked. Those who didn't ask sort of irritated me, but oh well...Just remember they are SO excited for you and baby! Have fun :)

  2. Excited to see progress on the nursery now that you guys are able to start working on it. Enjoy your showers this weekend and think about all the love everyone has for Hadley already!

  3. I feel like there should be a rule that unless it's someone who I've changed shirts in front of, or would be okay doing so (ie: immediate family, close friends) - don't touch me. It's not like they are touching our arms or something - it's the space between two "private" regions and is off limits unless I encourage it. I've read that some people reach out and touch the "touchers" stomachs back, but I wouldn't even want to do that! Hopefully most people keep their hands to themselves. Enjoy your showers - mine don't start for a month, but I'm already nervous about the "all eyes on me" thing.

  4. I'm right there with you, showers (thrown for me, at least) are my worst nightmare! I am not a fan of the attention, and although I was thankful for all the gifts, I disliked every second of people watching me while I opened a billion. :) On the plus side, I still use (4 years later) lots of stuff that I got, and am forever grateful. Totally worth the discomfort! <3

  5. mmm Starbucks frappe :) I'm in the same situation as you with school. I'll be 36 weeks on the first day of school and everyone keeps saying how surprised they are that I am coming back to start the year. If the baby won't be here why would I stay home? I'm sure we'll just be fine! :)

  6. I worked for two days after my due date and the only reason I didn't go back is because it was state testing that next week and I didn't want a surprise to interrupt everything. You can totally work for a couple of weeks!