Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hello July!


July is one of my favorite months because it contains the day we celebrate Independence. Now, I could get completely dorky and teacher on you and explain why I like the American Revolution and what it means to me, but I won't. However, we must say thank you the French.

Besides all of that history "stuff" I like the forth because we get to show pride for our country!
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july 4 3
Love the blue door with the red star

4th of July

4th of July Decorations
Perfect for a party!

chic celebration clothing for the 4th of july
I've seen some CRAZY nails. These are too bad and patriotic!

Fourth of July Mantle
I probably wouldn't do all the candles, but I like the overall feel.

I'm a sucker for flags...just need some sunflowers.

Easy 4th of July Homemade Decorations Ideas_26
I miss the days of the bike parades. We used to completely deck out our bikes. I don't think many kids do it anymore. Sad.

4th of July Chevron Ribbon Wreath
I have 2 days to make this.

There are a lot of things going on for us in July, which I'll blog about later, but for now I'm excited to celebrate the 4th with friends and family.

What are your favorite parts of Independence day?

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  1. Oh wow! I love that wreath! I need to figure out how to make that for next year!