Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One month: to do list

I cannot believe that yesterday marked one month until my due date. Holy cow. Where did the time go?! Now I will be the first to say that I totally live in my own little bubble however I know that due date doesn't mean baby. In fact, if she could come after my due date, I would be extra grateful! August 31st would be great Miss H! {*wink*}

August is a busy month. I try to finish up last minute summer projects, getting the house ready to go back to school, getting my classroom ready, and planning for the year. On top of that, we have a baby coming. Another human in our home! So busy is an understatement. I already changed my calendar to August and only have a few empty days, which I'm sure will be filled with working at school.

Thankfully this weekend my parents, J and I went to town on the nursery. It's about 75% done. But I still feel like there is a ton to do. So J and I made a list of everything that has to get done. It's one big list but we each have our own separate "to dos".

J is in blue; I'm in pink; Both in green

Deep clean of the house (hiring someone)
Finish nursery 
Power wash trash cans and recycling bins
Power wash/clean out garage
Weed yard...again
Finish putting together baby stuff (swing, bouncer)
Install car seats
Pack bag (I'm done with this!)
Organize bathroom cabinets
Get classroom ready
Sub plans
Finish freezer meals
Clean up basement (laundry is nuts)
Meal plan for first two weeks of school
Grocery shopping-big stock up
Finish thesis

I'm determined to have everything on this list done before baby girl gets here. Really we don't have a choice. It's driving me crazy that baby stuff is in the garage and J can't get his car in there, so it needs put together and put away in the house. 

My classroom is a whole other story. That's going to just take time. My cousin is an early childhood major and will be helping me out...she's amazing! There are just some things I can't psychically do, which makes it hard. But a lot of it is just going through papers and having everything organized for my sub (which I don't have yet). 

And poor J, on top of everything at home his goal is to get his masters thesis done before H arrives. I'm praying that he is done within the next two weeks. He's been working so hard and I don't want to push him but I know he will feel better if it is turned in and he doesn't have to worry about that on top of a new baby. Please say a pray for him that he can stay motivated and get it done!

I hope I'm not forgetting anything big...and if I am, oh well! Nothing ever works out the way we plan. I just want a healthy baby so whatever I have to do to get there, I will do. Now we just have to wait and get done as much as we can!

1 month!

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  1. You will get it all done! I promise! It's funny the things we find time to do! I have a running list in the kitchen {clean windows, clean out the fridge, steam mop} but I'd much rather do things like install a car seat ;-)