Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bumpdate Week 13

Total Weigh Gain: Went to the doctor last week and was up 4lbs. I about crapped. I wanted to cry. Apparently my scale is off at home too. Definitely watching what I'm eating and giving in less to cravings expect for that pizza Tuesday night  and walking more. I can't wait until for the warm weather!!

How big is baby? 13 weeks the size of a tangerine

Maternity Clothes: Nope, just regular clothes. I did buy a bellaband to see what it was like and I'm not totally crazy about it. It keep pulling up and doesn't do the job. I'll try again down the road and I only wore it for a few hours with jeans (even though they still fit). I tried maternity jeans on for size over the weekend and they really bothered me. I'm guessing because they were super loose on top.

Stretch Marks: None yet

Sleep: Still sleeping on my stomach and waking up once a night to go to the bathroom.

Best moment of the week? Telling my students.

Movement: Nothing yet! Someone told me it reminded them of a fish swimming. I sure hope not because I do not like fish!

Food cravings: I really haven't had anything big. I really wanted pizza this weekend and still Tuesday night, so since J was in class until 11 I ordered one. He was happy to have it when he came home too so I consider that a win-win.

Food aversions: Last night nothing sounded good to eat.

Labor signs: None, thank goodness!

Belly button in or out? In! I hope it stays this way.

What I miss: Nothing! Very thankful for our sweet little lovey!

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out the gender. We made an appointment but I promised J we wouldn't tell anyone until after our families know. 

Milestones: Buying a Bellaband? haha Found out another coworker of mine is due in August as well. That makes three of us! AND she is due two days after me. We are all delivering at the same hospital too. Party on the labor and delivery floor!!


  1. 4 lbs is nothing! Once you have the baby, you'll be too tired to eat and the weight will melt right off! ;-) I gained 10lbs in between my 22 and 26 week appointments and my OB was like "Huh... that's interesting." Whoops.

  2. There are SO many people due in August and September! I know 3 girls that have the same due date as me! And, I think we need a visual for the next bumpdate ;-)

  3. I decided that I am done being weighed. It freaks me out to see the numbers climb like that, so I'm choosing to concentrate on eating healthy and exercising. I feel much better about food and weight since making this decision! I also wasn't super thrilled with the bellaband; I felt like my pants were going to fall down, and it was annoying having to adjust it all of the time. Did you try maternity pants with the smaller band or the bigger pannel? The pannel is kind of annoying, but the pants with the smaller band worked out much better when I felt like I was in between maternity and regular clothes. So cool that you have so many people you know who are due around the same time as you!

  4. With my first pregnancy, I didn't gain ANY weight until 5 months. This pregnancy? I gained 4 lbs by 4 months. Now at 19 weeks, I'm up 8 lbs. I'm trying to take it all in stride!!

  5. Congratulations!! Have only just caught up with the blog world now after a bit of a break and it was lovely news to come back to :-).