Monday, February 25, 2013

Menu Monday: The best skinny enchiladas!!

Even though we only had a three day week last week (President's Day Monday and snow day Friday) I do not wish to repeat it! Poor J was super sick all week and it's just not fun when your husband is sick and grumpy. I just want him to be good as new!

So this week there is only one new recipe but this one is better that any four or five I would normally share with you. Enjoy!


Oh my goodness. Stop what you're doing and make these right now. They were the BOMB.COM!
Not kidding.
J said we never needed to go out to eat for Mexican food again. 
Woot! Woot!
I have to admit that I gloated about this a lot at school the next day. They know I ain't no cook and unless it's in a crock pot it usually doesn't come out!
But this...well, they were amazaballs!!

There were two things I did differently than what the recipe calls for:

1. didn't add onions {although this is optional so shouldn't count}

The Real 1. Put the chicken in the crock-pot all day with chicken broth. This way it just fell apart when it came time to shred it easy!! Plus I don't know how to make it any other way without it being tough and dry.

2. It says to make the sauce first and I made it almost last. I didn't want it to just sit and I didn't want to burn it. Definitely keep it on medium while it melts and continue to stir! Then you can move it down to low while do finish up prepping. 
Do you see how much I just wrote about this recipe? Yeah, that's because it's soooo good.
Now go put it on your dinner menu.

 275 calories for one...and trust me, it fills you up!

Dominos Pizza.
J had class and I had been craving pizza for about a week.
Totally hit the spot!

Wednesday & Thursday
J was super sick. So I ended up eating a big salad on Wednesday and Subway on Thursday. Poor J! So glad he's feeling better.

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  1. Those enchiladas look good!! Thanks for linking up :)