Monday, February 11, 2013

Menu Monday-You don't want to miss this!

Linking up with Rachel today for Menu Monday!

I've been so proud of myself for cooking new items and for cooking quite a bit lately. Tuesday's are difficult because J has class and doesn't get home until 11. So I usually eat leftovers or Subway. Friday nights J works. I usually eat the opposite of what I didn't eat on Tuesday or something else (ie. Amy's burritos or Amy's Mac & Cheese). It works out pretty well.

Since I forgot to post Menu Monday last week, here are some dishes we've had over the past two weeks.

I saw a lot of girls on Twitter making this so I had to try it out. Not only was it super easy but it was delicious too! We are big turkey sausage fans in this house so we were excited to try it. J even took leftovers to work the next day!

Pad Thai
pad thai
I didn't take a picture so you get this one!-link below

I used a combo of this recipe and Rachel Ray's recipe. I really liked Rachel's sauce and thought it was easier to make. It turned out delicious!

chicken coconut curry
Again, not my picture-link above

Over winter break I had Indian food for the first time and fell in love! I wanted to try to make it at home and found this easy recipe. It was awesome for being homemade and for me never making Indian food before. I actually didn't put it in the crock put and it still turned out really well. I'm excited to make it again!

I don't have a picture for these and the one online doesn't do them justice. I've made these Rachel Ray meatballs before and they're our favorite by far! The recipe makes a ton so I always freeze them for a later time.

Pizza Subs

Normally when we make meatball subs we use wheat hot dog buns but J decided to get these honkin buns last week. I didn't want to waste them, so I decided we were going to do pizza subs one night. This was not a Pinterest recipe but so easy to make.

Turkey Pepperoni
Banana Peppers
Green Olives
Pizza Sauce 
Any other toppings that you desire!

J was in charge of making these. He put all the pepperoni, peppers, olives, and sauce into a skillet and warmed it all up. While he was cooking those items together, he toasted the buns lightly. He put the mixture on the buns and sprinkled with cheese then stuck them under the broiler until the cheese was melted.
They were delicious!! 

*Note: When I saw that J brought these huge buns home, I made sure to dig out the insides so there wasn't as much heavy bread there. I can't handle all of that white bread!

**Note: All of these meals gave us left overs, which was wonderful since there is only two of us! 


  1. YUM! Everything you made last week sounds delicious! And I'm glad you liked the spicy sausage mac. It is one of my new favorite meals!

  2. YUMMMM! I am meal planning more myself, its kind of a pain at first but I love how I don't have to think ahead as often once I get into it :)