Friday, February 1, 2013


Reasons why I'm ready for February:

  • It's one month closer to warmer weather
  • Second round of conferences will be done then no more for the year
  • Valentines Day...yes, it's a Hallmark holiday, but it is still fun!
#FollowYourHeart #heart #cake #inspiration
  • January has just seemed to drag on and on this month
  • Februany subs from Subway! {Even though I've been hooked on veggie lately}
Februany :)
  • Only 28 days to complete the month!
  • Groundhog Day is fun to watch the little bugger poke his head out and make everyone nervous about having more winter or excited for an early spring
Keep Calm and Look For Your Shadow Groundhog
  • President's Day: I love celebrating our presidents and getting the day off school
  • Second report card will be completed and then only one left!
  • Trying to decide what I'm going to give up or what goal I'm going to make for Lent on Ash Wednesday
  • You can wear lots of pink and it's okay
pink outfit for mum with coat
Love this!

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