Friday, February 22, 2013

George-a good, solid name

Two weeks ago yesterday my dear sweet George went to heaven.

I picked out George at our local humane society my sophomore year of high school. I had another cat, Sunny, who became very ill at a young age and we had to put him down. George was my healing cat because Sunny was my first. I'll never forget the day I picked him out and named him. George was a good, solid name (can you name that movie?).

We quickly all fell in love with this sweet cat. He had an adorable little face and I just loved the white around his nose.

Georgie and Okie...BFFs

He was the perfect cat.

When I left for college I had a hard time leaving George. He was my baby. He slept with me every night. But my sister said that she would take good care of him. When I would come home to visit things with George were never exactly the same. He was made at me for leaving him and I don't blame him. Soon he became more of my sister's cat.

such good manners!

Then this fall my sister left for college. Poor George was lost! I tried to visit him a lot and he eventually became more of my parent's cat. Then in December my parent's moved. They left the only house George had ever known. The first week they lived in their new home, George ate something bad. He had to go to the vet and was very sick. We thought for sure we were going to loose him. But G is our fighter. He was back to normal in no time.

One of my favorite pictures of George and my sister

But two weeks ago George's little body gave up. My mom told me a few days after it happened so it wouldn't upset me at work. I think a lot of it had to do with the stress of moving but George was also about 16 years old.

my sister liked to dress him up

I know Georgie lived a wonderful life. He was loved by so many. We have so many great memories with him. But I just can't help but to be sad that he passed away by himself. Without anyone around. J said that cats do that when they are sick. They want to be alone. But it just kills me that we were not around to say goodbye or to get one last head-butt (which he did as his, "I love you").

always finding a place to snuggle

So thank you my sweet Georgie for being such a wonderful cat to all of us growing up. I wish Wembley could take some pointers from you :) We will never forget our little Peanut.

this one kills me--like, "i'm not doing anything"

This blog post was written later because my sister just found out this weekend when she came home.

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